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What is 360° VR Real Estate?

And how does it work?

We are here to help you sell. And we're here to help your clients find their next great home or office building.

So... are you still running all over town showing your properties to clients that probably won't be buying? Or hosting open houses that are both expensive and time consuming?

What if there was a solution that was not only faster and more efficient but also a ton of fun for both you and your client? What if you could use it in your own office or home with nothing more than a pair of inexpensive VR glasses? Sound exciting?

With the innovation of 360° and Virtual Reality videos at Baazar Productions we can now recreate and view any location (real or imaginary) in any direction with depth and interactivity. Tryout a clickable interface below or use a Google Cardboard compatible headset to view the YouTube videos below in VR!

Watch Streamable VR Walkthroughs or 360° Clickable Videos!

"Wait doesn't this require thousands of dollars of expensive equipment to both create and experience?"


You can pick up a pair of Google Carboard compatible VR glasses that work with your cellphone for as little as $1.00!

At Baazar Productions we give all of our clients a pair of foldup VR glasses or carboard viewers to view these experiences.

If you have one, try out the walkthroughs below with your mobile device or just click play and click around in 360!

Fully Immersive 360 Multimedia

Guided Tours with Audio and Video

Using this technology you can give your clients prepared tours, fully immersive informational walkthroughs and include everything from voiceovers and floor-plans, to introductions to the original architect, background music, sound effects and night and day cycles to your properties.

VR gives you a full sense of scale to the property, but you can go the extra mile and actually show blueprint overlay, scaled measurements, cost estimations, lighting and even weather!

What if the property doesn't exist yet?

Anything is possible!

The amazing power of VR offers you the ability to generate and render any environment, real or imaginary to your clients.  With our team of emmy winning graphic artists and 3d animators, you can guide your clients around a future home still in the blueprint stage by modeling and bringing to life your architectural renderings!

With more advanced headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift you can even offer your clients the ability to walk around freely, interact with the environment, see it on Google Earth, change out wallpaper, furniture, flooring, props, and more!

How do we begin?

All we need to start is set up a time to consult with you about your objectives and see your properties. Using 360 3D cameras and drones we will tour your property and create seamless experiences to begin sharing with your clients, embedding in your website and listings and using in your marketing material.

Taken one step further, we can also set you up with a virtual reality system in your own office so your clients can experience all of your properties all at once!

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