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Literally, a dream come true.

FROM ASHES is an experimental state of the art 3D animated short film project, written and directed by Matt Baamonde based on an original narrative story by Matt Baamonde.

The film will be created and rendered live in 3D using the Unreal Engine – a 3D rendering and video game development engine featuring real-time animation with motion capture performances and voice acting, feature film cinematography, stunt man lead choreographed action.

Unlike a traditional film, anything is possible in 3D. The world of Aegika can feature any kind of magic we imagine, while merging the emotional and grounded connection to real actors.

This project is a collaboration of talent coming together to bring the story of Princess Rhetara and Claybourne Jayde to life.
FLY LIKE THE PHOENIX "Do not seek forgiveness...
Seek redemption.
What will you do now?"
-Princess Rherara Vae Rhaq


Meet the central players of the Aegikan Epic

PRINCESS RHETARA Princess of Aegika and heir to the Crown, Rhetara is a woman of mystery and hidden lives. While she strives to save the realm from an unseen threat, her true motives remain hidden... PLAY MONOLOGUE Performed by Rachael Neinast CLAYBOURNE JAYDE Syre Clayborn Jayde is the legion commander and battle strategist of the Crown. Having dedicated his life to serving his king, he was able to rise up the ranks of the military to become one of the fastest thinkers and bravest warriors in the realm. PLAY MONOLOGUE Performed by Aaron Groben SYLVAN WARDE Sylvan Warde was high royalty and Blademaster of the realm, arranged to wed Princess Rhetara with the approval of the King... until he was discovered to be the "Ghost Knight." a rogue vigilante forming a rebellion. Sylvan was confronted and killed by his best friend, Claybourne Jayde.... PLAY MONOLOGUE Performed by Jeffrey Stoner JINTU DE GAAR Syre Jintu De Gaar is an elder knight of the realm and brother to the King Raedaq Vae Rhaq. As Clayborn Jayde's personal mentor and confidant, Jintu has no closer loyalty except to Princess Rhetara herself. PLAY MONOLOGUE Performed by Sam Meader HA'DORAH THE WITCH Little is known about Ha'Dorah the witch, a Disojian Woman from the Darklands. With pure white skin from a lifetime in the dark under the Floating Isle she holds the key to a magic that has been lost from the realm for some time... Performed by Kelly Jean Badgley


The backstory and prehistory of the realm of Aegika...



The events of FROM ASHES up until now...

The story of the From Ashes short takes place half way through book one of the From Ashes novelization trilogy.

Claybourne Jayde is a young commanding military officer in the medieval realm of Aegika, a continental island ruled by a monarchic Crown King. As an expert swordsman and a successful strategist, Clay is propelled into high standing and prestige amongst the royal elite.

When Clay returns from a battle in the North, he is assigned to be Princess Rhetara’s Praetorian Guard, (the radiant and beautiful eldest daughter of the Crown King,) he uncovers a conspiracy involving a vigilante outlaw known as the Ghost Knight, a rebel who is building an army in hiding. After a bloody encounter with the Ghost Knight, Rhetara is kidnapped by the rebels and Clay’s best friend Sylvan is killed at Clay’s own hand.

By order of the King to find Rhetara and kill or capture the Ghost Knight, Clay tracks them to the outskirts of the Disodeon Darklands - an impossibly black desert in the heart of Aegika. No light can reach the Darklands, a terrifying vacuum that few have ever dared enter.

While spying on the rebels he is cornered and captured, held captive in a makeshift camp at the edge of the Blueleaf Forest- not far from Clay’s childhood home. While Clay comes to grips that the rebellion isn’t what it seems, a malevolent force waits for an opportunity to strike...


The Music

The sound and score of FROM ASHES...

It all started
with the music...
FROM ASHES began as a concept music album written by Matthew Baamonde, telling the story of the rise and fall of an ancient mythical princess through the use of orchestral and symphonic themes.

Matt Baamonde is a Berklee College of Music trained film composer with hundreds of film and TV credits.

The score will feature epic cinematic orchestral music with operatic vocals and dark moody tones in the style of Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL, Beary McCreary, Jeremey Soule, Brian Tyler and Jerry Goldstein.

All funders and investors in the movie will receive a FREE copy of the album. If you would like to support the project and purchase the album now, click the link below.

The Cast & Crew

Meet the creators and actors behind FROM ASHES...

Matt Baamonde Creator | Writer | Director | Lead Animator Matt Baamonde is an award winning professional animator, film and TV music composer and graphic designer based out of Los Angeles California. With hundreds of credits in TV and movies, Matt is an all around creative storyteller, from writing books to scoring his own animated shorts. Peter Mascetta Producer Coming Soon James Emory Unreal Material Artist James Emory is from Texas and has been developing shaders and art tools in Unreal since 2014. Josh O'Dell Unreal Blueprints and Pipeline Development Josh O'Dell is very well known for his studio production, musical compositions, creative abilities, and teachings. He has been involved with several projects over the years from touring with musicians in his region and being a set-in studio artist, to teaching aspects of video game design and 3D software. Josh's work is based out of Lewisburg West Virginia and he continues to produce and create artistic material of all sorts for his many local fans to admire. Indy Gott Pipeline Development, Compositing James Thomas Gott, American filmmaker, also known as "Indy" or "Indiana", was born on February 6th, 1990, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Indy is based in Los Angeles, California. He is a Veteran from the US Army. (2009-2014) THE CREW

Rachael Neinast

Performing: Princess Rhetara Rachael Neinast is a Theatre Major from Ball State University and is new to the Los Angeles and Hollywood scene. Rachael has always possessed a passion for the arts, developing her skills throughout her life as an actor, artist, and musician. She is an aspiring voice actor and From Ashes will be the first in what is sure to be a promising career in voiceover, motion capture, and animation and she cannot wait to share this fantastical story with the world.
Aaron Groben

Performing: Claybourne Jayde Aaron Groben was born on April 5, 1990 in the USA. He is known for his work on Awkward. (2011), Disney Monstober (2011) and Nickelodeon's State of the Family (2019).
Jeffrey Stoner

Performing: Sylvan Warde Jeffrey Stoner or "Stoner" as he most commonly goes by, was born on May 2nd, 1997. Finished his bucket list by the time he was 8 years old and started collecting talents such as Firebreathing, Juggling, Acting, Singing, Flying Trapeze and more. Lived in Arizona then moved to LA after graduation. He enjoys long walks on the beach with an umbrella. (The umbrella is so hisskin doesn't burn not because he has an affinity for umbrellas.)
Sam Meader

Performing: Jintu De Gaar Sam Meader (born Samuel Kingsley Meader) is an award winning British actor. Born in the Isle of Man, Sam grew up on the Channel Island of Guernsey with his three siblings. Sam is a graduate of the historic American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and a member of the BAFTA Los Angeles Newcomers.
Kelly Jean Badgley

Performing: Ha'Dorah the Witch Kelly Jean is LoopTown’s Co-Founder and In-Session Director. She comes with an eclectic bag of tricks when it comes to performing and teaching. As voice talent, most recently you can hear her on the new Netflix animation series Motown Magic and on Nickelodeon’s The Loud House.

The Technology

Building the world of Aegika in Unreal Engine 4

REALTIME ANIMATION FROM ASHES will be pioneering Realtime Animation
for cinema using the Unreal Engine.

Utilizing 1:1 motion capture performances for physical
and facial animation, we'll be capturing the best of
unlimited magic in a digital fantasy world with real
human performances.

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