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Graphic Design | Motion Graphics

 Graphic Design, Custom Art & Creative Direction

Explainer Videos, 2D & 3D Animated Videos

Presentations, Powerpoints, Slideshows

 Branding, Logos & Identity Creation

 Wedding, Event, Ceremony and RSVP Events

 Print Design, Store Advertising, Flyers, Marketing Materials

 Photography, Custom Art, Painting, Sculpting and Drawing

 Social Media Design, Formatting, and Posting

 Anything you need designed for your business or event!


Video Editing | Animation

 Explainer Videos, 2D & 3D Animated Videos

 Video Editing, Blocking, Preparation

 Pitch Videos, Presentation

 Wedding, Events, Ceremonies and RSVP Events

 Commercial Editing, Promotional, Advertising

 Broadcast ready audio mixing, mastering

 Voice-over, Dialog, Performance Editing

Color Correction, Colorizing, Stylizing

 Anything you need edited for your business or event!


Online Marketing Services

 Social media advertising including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Google

 Custom web design, landing/sales pages and funnel creation

 Ecommerce Store Design - Shopify / Woocommerce etc.

 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Analytics and Optimization

 Press Releases, Automation, and Mail Marketing

 Newsletters, Mailing Lists and Customer Outreach

 Surveys, Feedback, and Consumer Insights

 Interface integration / linking including Salesforce / Act-On / Infusionsoft etc.

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Nader Mowlaee

Engineer Your Mission

Nader Mowlaee

"Matt has been a real pleasure to work with. We met quite authentically at a networking event, sparked up a conversation and got along really well. From that moment forward Matt showed his leadership skills by properly enquiring my business and the challenges I foresee. He then continued to share his ideas and insight, aiming to help me improve my results right away. This left a huge impression on me. 

This is especially important when you hire a professional to help with a business process or project. Not only did Matt take ownership and control of the process, he did an exceptional job on smaller tasks we had defined together. I love his ability to see the entire project from beginning to end, and his skill in segmenting tasks and prioritizing them in a way that will ensure delivery on time and within budget.

Matt’s passion for music and film, as well as his creative graphic design ideas make the big difference. I could have never imagined how great my new business would look like, until Matt worked on it. He took my dreams and amplified them. 

He’s a true artist, super cable of taking my ideas and turning them into reality. He’s a detail-oriented and intelligent person with vast knowledge of everything I need to take an entire consulting business online. Thanks to his excellent interpersonal skills, we’ve built a great relationship and work together smoothly. I’m currently working with him and would be happy answer any questions about our experience working together, and of course I highly recommend reaching out to him. You’ll thank me later :)"

Rich Wan

Honeyplex Studios

Rich Wan

"Matt is one of the most creative people I’ve worked with, he’s great with graphic design and film, as well as creative with his ideas for landing pages and online marketing campaigns. Over time he has honed his analytical skills to the same level of skill and now poses as a deadly combination of precise creativity."

Jenn Schell

Digital Onion

Jenn Schell

"Hiring Matt was one of the best hiring decisions I made. He understands what it takes to work in a fast pace environment while staying positive and creative. I heavily relied on him to run the day to day operations and he always knew when to raise the red flag. His attention to details and organization made it easy for everyone else to do their job."

Etan Karni


Etan Karni

"Matt has the creative and analytical prowess necessary for success in today’s digital media landscape. I’ve seen him take paid advertising campaigns from negative to positive overnight with his rare combination of skills. I have no doubt he will be an asset to any organization he is a part of.

Also, having worked with Matt only on online advertising, I was blown away by the quality of his work in other areas such music and video production – I’ve spent more than enough time on his Youtube and SoundCloud channels to know: Matt is a man who puts in the time to master skills and has the passion for his work that very few can match."

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Matt Baamonde

Owner | Artist | Designer

Matt Baamonde

Justice Ekhaguere

Marketing Supervisor

Justice Ekhaguere

Chris Baamonde

Artist | Painter | Sculptor

Chris Baamonde

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