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Our Mission

We are award winning visual artists, graphic designers, marketers and creative directors based out of Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY with experience working on physical and digital advertising, websites, posters, restaurants, films, books, real estate etc with a strong emphasis on digital marketing campaigns and design prep for sales websites, landing pages and other events. We strive to stay on the bleeding edge of the graphics and visual industry!

  • Graphic Design, Custom Art & Creative Direction
  • Branding, Logos & Identity Creation
  • Marketing, Advertising and Commercial Editing
  • Wedding, Event, Ceremony and RSVP Events
  • Print Design, Store Advertising, Flyers, Marketing Materials
  • Photography, Custom Art, Painting, Sculpting and Drawing
  • Music, Audio, Sound Design and Jingles
  • Anything you need designed for your business or event!

Our Philosophy

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Meet the Team

The Talent
Matt Baamonde

Owner | Artist | Designer

Matt Baamonde

Justice Ekhaguere

Marketing Supervisor

Justice Ekhaguere

Chris Baamonde

Artist | Painter | Sculptor

Chris Baamonde






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